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We specialize in working with families and children with special needs, and generally helping families heal conflicts and focus on their future.

Christy Scadden is committed to a child centered approach to special education coaching and advocacy. The depth and breadth of her knowledge and experience enables her to deliver thoughtful, well planned and thorough advocacy services based on individual student disability related needs. Christy helps her clients navigate the often confusing and emotional special education world of acronyms, terms, timelines and student/parent rights.

Christy’s career as a special education advocate began sixteen years ago when her oldest son was four years old. With an initial diagnosis of vision Impairment, he began receiving special education services prior to entering kindergarten. As is usually the case, after additional assessments and multiple IEP meetings other special education services and disability codes (FHC) quickly followed including Autism (AUT) and Other Health Impaired (OHI). Christy continues to advocate for her son while he receives the services outlined on his Individualized Transition Program (ITP) through the school district (ages 18- 22), which focuses on independent living skills, working skills and developing meaningful relationships with in his community.

Christy’s personal experiences developing 504 Plans (younger son) and IEPs which are student centered and incorporate parental expertise regarding the needs, strengths and interests of their children encourages parents to be empowered, participating members of their child’s IEP Team.


  • Parent of a child with a 504 and an IEP
  • Autism Spectrum
  • Visually Impaired
  • ADHD
  • Tourette Syndrome
  • Mood Disorders
  • Behaviors Strategies and Plans
  • Nonpublic Schools, Nonpublic Agencies, Day Treatment, Atypical Schools, Typical schools
  • Individual Transition Plans
  • Workability
  • Certificate of Completion/Diploma
  • Transition Programs for students 18-22


  • YMCA Compass Internship: Special Education Advocate
  • University of San Diego: Special Education Advocacy Certificate
  • Association of Community Rehabilitation Educators (ACRE) endorsed training in Employment Services: Certificate in Community Employment
  • San Diego State University: BA Graphic Design


  • Special Education Community Groups and Workgroups
  • Parent Support Groups: Founding and Guiding
  • Special Education Networking groups
  • Community empowered education groups




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