What will PCA cost us?

During Special Education Advocacy and IEP coaching, you will learn skills and information that will help you better understand the different parts of an IEP and what is required to be in the IEP; this will enable you to make sure your child's needs are being met without the expense of hiring an advocate for every IEP meeting.

Pacific Coast Advocates Fees

At PCA we have developed several different levels of support in order to fit in your budget.

Solo Representation: $150 per hour. This includes having an advocate review your last signed IEP, review your current concerns, develop a list of suggestions to discuss at the IEP, attend the IEP meeting with you, and consult after the IEP.

Co-Advocacy Representation: $190 per hour. This includes having 2 advocates with different backgrounds to support you with your child’s educational needs. The two advocates will work in partnership with you to ensure they understand your primary concerns, will review documents, prepare for and attend the IEP meeting with you and follow up after the IEP meeting. Co-advocacy gives you the benefit of receiving different perspectives/backgrounds and experience of two different advocates and brings more balance to the IEP team meeting.

Coaching: $100 per hour with an advocate or $150 per hour with 2 advocates. Purchase a set amount of hours that fit your budget.

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