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Pacific Coast Advocates Testimonials

“I was just muddling through the special education process and Shannon clarified everything for us. She is so professional and had a way of talking to the school without them getting defensive like they did with us.”

--Mom of son with AUT

“Shannon contributed greatly to my daughter’s education! She is very professional and she showed extreme knowledge in special education laws and requirements.”

--Mom of a daughter with Speech and Language Impairment

“My experience as a husband having a wife with severe dyslexia, and as a brother having a brother with severe dyslexia, and as a father with a son who has the same things seemed kind of dim with the way the school was handling his special needs. Without Shannon and her staff I don’t know what we would have done. She fought for my son and his character when the school pushed his needs under the bus. Thanks Shannon!”

--Corona father of son with learning disability

“I knew I needed to have an advocate help me at my son’s IEP because I didn’t even know where to begin. I was referred to Pacific Coast Mediation by someone who had worked with Shannon in the past. I was most impressed with Shannon asking a lot of questions instead of just demanding things we were able to work side by side with the school in coming up with some pretty unique solutions to help my son. I understand our public schools don’t have a lot of money but I was tired of hearing that because there is no money my son’s needs basically couldn’t be met. Instead Shannon brought up the fact that teachers go into teaching to help kids and she knows that schools have a tight budget right now so let’s all throw out ideas on how we can help meet my son’s needs. Shannon even put up a large post-it on the wall and wrote down everyone’s ideas then we went through all the ideas and agreed on what was best for my son. I was able to advocate for my son without it being mean and now have a great working relationship with the school. AMAZING.”

--SD mom of a son with Autism

“My husband and I would like to offer our sincere gratitude for all of your assistance through this process with our son. We cannot thank you enough for all the support, encouragement and advocacy. We truly believe that your presence and knowledge of the entire situation allowed us to ensure that he is in the right school placement. Tara’s leadership, ongoing communication, and clear understanding of the issues allowed my husband and I to spend more time being parents in support of our child. In the past we have tried to be parent, advocate, attorney etc…. and it was extremely stressful. The entire team at PCA was amazing to work with and I will most definitely refer others to you for services.”

--Tamara Fleck-Myers

“Getting a medical diagnosis for our first born child was overwhelming. We didn’t know where to even begin with who to contact or what services/supports to start with. The internet has so much information on it but it is just simply overwhelming. We needed someone to be our filter. Our pediatrician recommended Pacific Coast Advocates as our starting point to not “advocate” for us but to coach us on what the early intervention looks like, when we need to be looking at a transition into an IEP, where are good services in our area of San Diego and what are the key things we should be aware of in regards to our son’s needs when we are looking at his educational needs. Our advocate helped us understand the difference between a medical diagnosis and educational eligibility along with supporting us in where we should focus our time in getting supports our son needs. We developed a strategic list of where we were that day and what where our next more immediate steps to take. I can’t express just how helpful it was to have that filter helping us to outline where we needed to focus our time, money and energy!”

--San Diego mom

“Each advocate working for Pacific Coast Advocates is among the most-educated, and well-versed advocates within San Diego County. Moreover they each maintain a strong commitment toward resolution-focused mediation, seeking to create positive partnerships wherever possible between district staff and families.”

--San Diego Business owner in the field of special education

“I used the advocacy services of Pacific Coast Advocates in October 2011. We had issues with my son’s developmental preschool regarding safety and some concerns about his upcoming IEP. From the moment I contacted the company for their services, I received prompt responses and professional communication. From the point of hire, I was in constant communication with my primary advocate via email and phone calls. She answered all of my questions, informed me about relevant special education laws, and provided suggestions for next steps. She validated my concerns, but remained calm and provided alternate views of the situations. I felt like I had someone in my corner throughout the entire process. Prior to the IEP meeting, I had a phone conference with both of my advocates and we went over the main concerns that needed to be addressed. Attending the IEP meeting with the advocates helped me feel more calm and positive. During the meeting, they were able to help me articulate the concerns I had and ask the questions that I didn’t know to ask. They were kind and professional to the school staff and helped maintain a pleasant environment. After the meeting, they reviewed our IEP and helped me request the changes that we wanted.

I received excellent service from Pacific Coast Advocates and that their fees were very fair. I would recommend them to any other parents of children with special needs and will definitely use them again if the need arises.”

--Kami San Diego mom

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