Mission Statement

We are dedicated to helping couples heal conflicts and focus on their future.

For couples with children we help accomplish this goal by facilitating child-centered solutions.

Pacific Coast Advocates

We have a strong passion for helping couples who have children with special needs through education, coaching and facilitating effective communication skills.

We assist our clients in creating unique and innovative solutions to meet their particular needs.

We live our lives, both professional and personal, with optimism, compassion and integrity. Our vision is to empower our clients to have ownership in the decisions they make for their families now and in the future.

We are dedicated professionals who ensure our clients feel their concerns will be heard as well as respected during the mediation process. By using some past experiences, innovation and a sense of humor we will ensure the mediation process is productive.

Our practice gives families a new set of skills to empower and strengthen them to better cope with future challenges.

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