Special education advocate fees at Pacific Coast Advocates

When you are considering hiring a special education advocate, fees are an important aspect. At Pacific Coast Advocates, we have developed several different levels of support in order to fit in your budget. We are all about transparency, so we want you to have a clear idea of what you can expect from us, including our difference that makes us unique special education advocates.

Please note that PCA does NOT require a retainer!

Solo representation – working with one special education advocate

The fee is $150 per hour. This includes having an advocate review your last signed IEP, review your current concerns, perform a classroom observation of your child, develop a list of suggestions to discuss at the IEP, attend the IEP meeting with you, and consult after the IEP. Find out more information about our advocacy in San Diego.

Co-advocacy representation – working with two special education advocates

The fee is $190 per hour. This includes having 2 advocates with different backgrounds to support you with your child’s educational needs. The two advocates will work in partnership with you to ensure they understand your primary concerns, will review documents, prepare for and attend the IEP meeting with you and follow up after the IEP meeting. Co-advocacy gives you the benefit of receiving different perspectives/backgrounds and experience of two different advocates and brings more balance to the IEP team meeting. Learn more about our dual advocacy service.

Coaching – working with one or two special education advocates

The fees are: $100 per hour with one advocate or $150 per hour with 2 advocates. Purchase a set amount of hours that fit your budget. This allows for you to choose the amount of time with the advocates that works within your budget. Choose $100 for 1 hour, $500 for 5 hours of support with the advocate or anything in between. The package of pre-set amount of time can be used for pre-IEP meeting to review all concerns/areas to address during IEP meeting, after IEP meeting to review the proposed IEP prior to consenting, education regarding parts of IEP or special education process, review of school or private assessments, review any concerns and development of suggestion list for parents, or any other support needed by advocates outside of attending the IEP meetings. Get detailed information about coaching with our special education advocates.

Speaking & presentations

Pacific Coast Advocates can give engaging IEP and 504-related presentations to various groups, from parent support groups to associations of professionals. For fee information please get in touch with us to discuss your ideas and needs. Feel free to reach us at 858-750-1634 or shannon@pacificcoastadvocates.com. Get more details on our speaking services.

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