Our Team

We are passionate about helping families who have children with special needs through education, coaching and facilitating effective communication. We empower clients to cope with current and future challenges.

All our advocates are highly qualified by having these skillsets:

  • Acquire a Special Education Law and Advocacy certificate from USD or other qualified certificate program
  • Possess a college degree
  • Use mediation skills to collaborate with school
  • Christy Scadden

    Owner/Special Education Advocate
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    Christy Scadden believes a student-centered approach with advocacy is vital in supporting families as they navigate the often confusing and emotional world of IEPs or 504 plans. Christy is passionate about parent education. When families understand parent-rights they feel confident in longterm planning for their child in addition to being meaningful members of their child’s team. She also works on building bridges between families and schools so communication is healthy and the child’s needs stay central. Christy works with families facing a variety of disabilities, medical conditions, and qualifying conditions as they discover what is necessary for their child to have meaningful access to their education.
    Christy understands the challenges of being a parent of a child with a disability and has gone through both the 504 and IEP process as a parent. Her personal and professional experience began 18 years ago. Being a mother of two now young men, she understands the value of backward planning, thoughtfully written Individual Transition Plans and possibilities or hurtles that lay ahead. It is never too early to begin planning for our children’s future. As a parent, she has experience with Autism, Visual Impairments, ADHD, Tourette Syndrome and mood disorders. She continues to assist her oldest son, through a variety of adult programs (regional center, department of rehab, etc), as his conservator.


    • YMCA COMPASS Internship: Special Education Advocate
    • University of San Diego: Certificate of Special Education Advocacy
    • Association of Community Rehabilitation Educators (ACRE), Employment Services: Certificate in Community Employment
    • San Diego State University: BA Graphic Design
    • Parent of an adult with disability


    • Speaking engagements/parent trainings to parents, future professionals and staff: USD, home based parent groups, disability specific conferences.

    Board Member:

    • Emmanuel Family Homes, Inc. (group home for children with disabilities)
      Community Advisory Committee for Special Education – SDUSD
    • Special Education Community Groups and Workgroups
    • Parent Support Groups
    • Disability Networking Groups
    • Community empowered education groups
  • Shannon Vajda

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“PCA was referred to me by a neighbor. I was feeling overwhelmed and helpless. My advocates provided me with a binder & instructions so that I could get organized and able to move forward & take action for my child.”