Get valuable parent coaching in San Diego from a highly qualified special education advocate

We will help coach/educate parents with children who have special needs regarding all parts of an IEP or 504 plan and their parent rights. We address their concerns while helping parents build their knowledge, so that they can better advocate for their child’s needs in the future without the expense of hiring an advocate for every IEP meeting.

How can parents benefit from our San Diego parent coaching for IEP and 504?

IEP parent coaching in San Diego can be used to help a parent prepare for an upcoming IEP, review an IEP before parent signs, review assessment reports or help provide parents with community resources. The goal of our coaching services is to empower parents to secure the best possible education for their child without having to regularly hire a special education advocate in San Diego for IEP or 504 meetings and related matters.

Please note that the coach or coaches (if you choose the dual approach) do not attend any IEP or 504 meetings. If you’d like our special education advocate to participate in 504 or IEP meetings, you should learn more about our special needs advocacy in San Diego. Bear in mind that our advocates also give group presentations on a variety of topics related to 504 and IEP.

What do our parent coaching services include?

PCA will coach you by:

  • Meeting with you via phone or Zoom
  • Advising you of your parent rights
  • Educating you on the purpose of specific IEP/504 parts
  • Reviewing different parts of the IEP
  • Reviewing records and assessment reports
  • Proposing goals areas and areas of concern
  • Providing an example of a well-written IEP
  • Role-playing and coaching effective ways to communicate with the other IEP team members during IEP meetings
  • Recommending attorneys if needed

If you are unsure whether you need coaching or advocacy, reach out to us to help you make a fully informed decision.

We want to empower you to protect your child’s best interest ON YOUR OWN

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Case studies: how Pacific Coast Advocates helped a San Diego families

“Getting a medical diagnosis for our first-born child was overwhelming. We didn’t know where to even begin with, who to contact or what services/supports to start with. The internet has so much information on it, but it is just simply overwhelming. We needed someone to be our filter. Our pediatrician recommended Pacific Coast Advocates as our starting point, not to “advocate” for us but to coach us on what the early intervention looks like, when we need to be looking at a transition into an IEP, where are good services in our area of San Diego and what are the key things we should be aware of in regards to our son’s needs when we are looking at his educational needs. Our advocate helped us understand the difference between a medical diagnosis and educational eligibility along with supporting us in where we should focus our time in getting supports our son needs. We developed a strategic list of where we were that day and what next, more immediate steps to take. I can’t express just how helpful it was to have that filter helping us to outline where we needed to focus our time, money and energy!”

A San Diego dad has this to say: “I contacted PCA because I wanted to have a better understanding of the draft IEP I was sent from my daughter’s school before the meeting. I chose coaching because I want to learn how to advocate for my daughter myself (what questions to ask, who should be at the meetings etc.). I felt confident after my session to attend the IEP on my own.”

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