Special education advocates in San Diego who facilitate child-centered solutions

Pacific Coast Advocates are highly qualified special education advocates in San Diego who offer parents a range of services related to advocacy and representation. We work with families to resolve disputes with the school district in a collaborative manner. We help parents understand the special education process as well as empowering them to advocate for their child.

A comprehensive scope of advocacy services

Here are examples of what our special education advocates in San Diego can do for you:

  • Attend 504 and IEP meetings
  • Conduct classroom observations
  • Review educational records
  • Review private and/or school Assessment Reports (this can be a standalone service with parent coaching
  • Review and propose goals, review supportive evidence and materials in preparation for IEP meeting
  • Draft letters and written requests to school
  • Provide recommendations and referrals for community resources
  • Recommend a list of attorneys if needed

These are just EXAMPLES. We are able to tailor solutions to fit the specific needs of your child and your family.

We will advocate for your child’s individual needs

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Case study – how our special education advocates helped Kami, a San Diego mom

Parent came to PCA out of fear for the safety of her child at school. He was attending a developmental preschool. She needed the support of her two advocates to help articulate her concerns in a way that the school team would hear and ensure that she was asking all the appropriate and needed questions. The parent felt she was having to wear multiple hats (parent, advocate etc.) so having the two advocates allowed the parent to just be the parent and speak from the parent perspective at the IEP meeting while the advocates were able to be the mouthpiece for effective communication.

This is what Kami says about her experience with our special education advocates in San Diego.

“I used the advocacy services of Pacific Coast Advocates in October 2011. We had issues with my son’s developmental preschool regarding safety and some concerns about his upcoming IEP. From the moment I contacted the company for their services, I received prompt responses and professional communication. From the point of hire, I was in constant communication with my primary advocate via email and phone calls. She answered all my questions, informed me about relevant special education laws, and provided suggestions for next steps. She validated my concerns, but remained calm and provided alternate views of the situations. I felt like I had someone in my corner throughout the entire process. Prior to the IEP meeting, I had a phone conference with both of my advocates and we went over the main concerns that needed to be addressed. Attending the IEP meeting with the advocates helped me feel more calm and positive. During the meeting, they were able to help me articulate the concerns I had and ask the questions that I didn’t know to ask. They were kind and professional to the school staff and helped maintain a pleasant environment. After the meeting, they reviewed our IEP and helped me request the changes that we wanted. I received excellent service from Pacific Coast Advocates and their fees were very fair. I would recommend them to any other parents of children with special needs and will definitely use them again if the need arises.”

Interested to learn more about how our special education advocates can help you?

Our team of special education advocates in San Diego truly stand out. In addition to being highly qualified to deliver unique and tailored advocacy/representation, they also coach parents of children with special needs and offer speaking and presentation services on a variety of topics related to 504 and IEP. Learn more about our team and their expertise and about our transparent fee structure.

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