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Where to Get Resources and Community Support for Children with Special Needs in San Diego

Parents of children with special needs often feel overwhelmed with the challenges of raising their children. Luckily, special education community resources are available on the Internet, through events and local organizations. Please note that some of the listed resources are local.

Educational content

Here are some websites that could help you with your child’s special education.

Integrative learning

Dedicated to using individual learning programs based on brain waves and direct research, so the children are happy and confident using their own learning style.

Scholarship guide for students with disabilities

Trying to find all resources and options for applying for scholarships is explained with all the rights students have, including which schools provide help in the process.

Open education database

Online and remote learning can be a great option for children with disabilities and some of the options and facilities who offer them are listed here.

Learning disabilities online

Plenty of information and resources on learning disabilities and ADHD, both for children and adults. The site features various articles, texts and other informational documents.

Sports and recreation

Every individual needs physical activity and recreation in order to stay healthy. Sports can sometimes become too competitive and difficult for children with special needs to participate. This is why community support for parents of children with special needs really gets to shine in this area.

San Diego Park & Recreation Therapeutic Recreation Services

Special recreational, therapeutic and leisure programs and opportunities for people with various kinds of disabilities.

Miracle League Of San Diego

A buddy-based system of integrating children with special needs, ages 5 and up, into a custom-made baseball league.

AYSO VIP Soccer San Elijo

Participation in a soccer team with personal instructors for everyone, with the goal of having fun and staying safe, no matter what the disability.

Special Olympics

The biggest world sporting contest for people with disabilities has a regional center, which provides valuable information and sports plans for disabled athletes.

San Marcos Shooting Stars

Kids aged 5-22 can have fun while learning all about basketball and participating in fun, non-competitive sport sessions.

Other valuable resources

Community support for parents of children with special needs include other important aspects as well, with a diverse number of resources. There are sites with general beneficial topics and materials, as well as those specialized in individual issues. Parents can find help with social security, hair care, medical care and cognitive skills of their children. The most important thing to keep in mind is that there are always others who understand your needs and offer adequate resources. For a full ist follow the Resources tab in our main navigation menu.

Where to find community support for parents of children with special needs in San Diego? We know!

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