Organize special education-related group presentations by IEP advocate San Diego team

In addition to our advocacy and coaching services, Pacific Coast Advocates can deliver group presentations on a variety of topics related to special education, IEP and 504 plans. Our speaking services are available to different groups, ranging from parent support groups to associations of professionals.

If you would like to organize a presentation for a group to provide practical, easy-to-understand information about IEP or 504, with a dedicated Q&A time, Pacific Coast Advocates can help.

Who delivers the presentations?

Our team members are highly qualified 504 and IEP advocates in San Diego. They are well-educated in one of more of the following fields: education, law, mediation, assessments and social work. They all hold the Special Education Advocacy Certificate from University of San Diego, in addition to other college degrees and certifications. Some of the advocates on our team are also parents of children with disabilities themselves.

What do our speaking services include?

We will provide a power point presentation with time for questions and answers based on the topic or your group’s choice. Our presentations are typically an hour long but can be tailored to meet your group’s specific needs. We offer presentations at our office or at a location of your choice.

What are some examples of topics that an IEP advocate San Diego team can cover?

Pacific Coast Advocates don’t give one-size-fits-all presentations. We are uniquely qualified to give tailor-made presentations to interested parties who want accurate and hands-on information about IEP or 504. Here are examples or presentation topics that we have done:

IEP 101

Understanding the basics regarding your child’s IEP. Demystifying the IEP. Empowering you to better advocate for your child.

What Makes a Good IEP Goal?

The mechanics of a good goal. Avoiding double measurement. Discussing standards, responsibilities, baselines, etc.

Parent Power

Developing parent concerns and why they are important. Discussing ways of presenting parent concerns to IEP team members and school representatives (in writing, bring district copy). Discussing how to prioritize them and why they are so valuable (districts must address them).

Difference between a 504 and IEP

Discussing some of the most common questions we receive regarding the difference between a 504 plan and an IEP, e.g. If a student does not meet the eligibility criteria for IDEA, is he automatically eligible under Section 504? Can a student have both an IEP and a Section 504 plan? Are students with ADHD automatically protected under Section 504?

We can deliver effective and to-the-point presentations related to IEP and 504

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Case studies: how PCA helped the community

PCA was asked to speak at a local San Diego Mosque on the different options for education. Several children within the Muslim community at this Mosque had been experiencing bullying at the local schools and parents wanted to educate themselves on the options available to them. PCA presented on the differences and options for public schools, private schools, public charter schools as well as home schooling.

A parent who has attended a PCA presentation says: “I attended a presentation through 1p36 group (1p36 Deletion Syndrome). Christy Scadden and Patricia Palguta were a couple of the speakers and they were fantastic! The topic was ‘DEMYSTIFYING THE IEP’ and they really did a great job breaking everything down in a way that was easy to understand.”

Interested to learn more about all the different ways PCA can help?

Pacific Coast Advocates is an exceptional San Diego team of special education advocates. In addition to our speaking and presentation services, we also work with parents to represent and support them in the IEP process. We also do parent coaching for IEP and 504 to empower parents in their efforts to secure the best possible education for their child with special needs.

Feel free to contact us today with any questions and queries, including the fees. We’d love to talk to you!