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Collaborative approach to achieve positive outcomes for children with disabilities

What We Do

We work with families in understanding the IEP and 504 Plan process, resolving disputes with schools,
and secure the best possible educational program and appropriate services for children with special needs.
PCA’s child-centered approach can make a difference in helping you craft your child’s educational program.

Why We Are Different

  • Highly qualified

  • Service offerings (Coaching & co-advocacy)

  • Collaborative Approach

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Special Education Websites for Parents

Nowadays, there are many helpful special education resources for parents on the Internet. The only inconvenience is that they are scattered online, and it takes a lot of time and effort to find all the information that you need. Also, it’s easy to lose some important discoveries. That’s the reason we’ve put together a list…

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What Our Clients Are Saying

  • “We just want to thank you, from the bottom of hearts, the way in which you have represented our family over the last several years. You are always prepared, thorough, polite yet forceful when needed. In other words… you are awesome.”


  • “I needed help at my son’s IEP; I didn’t know where to begin. Christy asked a lot of questions not just demanding things we were able to work side by side with the school & came up with some pretty unique solutions for my son.”

    – San Diego Mom

  • “We would like to offer our sincere gratitude for your assistance through this process with our son. We truly believe your presence & knowledge allowed us to ensure he is in the right school placement.”

    – Tamara

  • “I understand our public schools don’t have a lot of money but was tired of hearing that. My advocate threw out ideas,put up large post-it on the wall, wrote down everyone’s ideas on what was best for my son. AMAZING.”

    – National City Mom

  • “I was just muddling through the special education process & PCA clarified everything for us. Vicki was so professional & had a way of talking to the school without them getting defensive like they did with us.”

    – Mom of son with AUT

  • “PCA is among the most-educated & well-versed advocates in SD County. They maintain a strong commitment toward resolution-focused, seeking to create positive partnerships wherever possible between school & families.”

    – ED Therapist

  • “My wife, my brother & my son have severe dyslexia. Without Shannon and her staff I don’t know what we would have done. She fought for my son and his character when the school pushed his needs under the bus. Thanks Shannon!”

    – Corona Dad


  • Special Education Rights and Responsibilities (SERR) Manual

    The Federal and California special education laws give eligible students with disabilities the right to receive a free appropriate public education (FAPE) in the least restrictive environment (LRE). This manual explains how to become eligible for special education, how to request and advocate for special education services, and what to do if you disagree with […]

  • US Department of Education – Office of Civil Rights

    The Office for Civil Rights enforces several Federal civil rights laws that prohibit discrimination in programs or activities that receive federal financial assistance from the Department of Education.

  • San Diego Regional Center

    The San Diego Regional Center provides a variety of services to persons with developmental disabilities and their families that are based on individual needs and supports their independence.

  • Integrative Learning

    Specializes in using brain-based programs with children who have learning weaknesses.

  • Sheri Friedman, M.A

    My goal is to provide each child with limitless opportunities for support, structure and success. Success begins by creating a warm and trusting rapport with students, parents, teachers, physicians, and allied professionals. Sessions are individualized and specialized, integrating a variety of effective, creative methodologies and evidence based learning tools. My goal is to prevent and circumvent the cycle of frustration, failure and despair that affects so many children and their families and to replace it with joyful learning.

  • Learning For All

    Educational Therapy and Cognitive Development. Dyslexia specialists.      


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